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Cyber Security

Cyber Security is quickly becoming a must have in every IT providers virtual tool belt, if you’re not getting support for Cyber Security, then you could be left vulnerable to an attack.


Cyber Security

As digital technology continues to develop rapidly, cyber crime is becoming more and more prevalent. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your business and infrastructure secure so it’s not compromised.

A successful business will utilise the best technology, so it’s important to protect that investment and your team by staying 3 steps ahead of the game. 

Novatek can provide a complete Cyber Security solution to identify threats in real-time, search the Dark Web for compromised credentials, and provides Security Awareness Training, all these to identify potential threats before they can affect your business.

Security Consulting

Having a Security Consultant by your side is of great benefit to you and your business. Novatek Security Consultants can advise the best solution that aligns with your business direction.

Bull Phishing

Sometimes, you or one of your team may open an email that has malicious intentions. Novatek’s Phishing campaigns identify where improvements need to be made to raising awareness in the workplace.

Dark Web Monitoring

Compromised credentials can be a downfall to a business. That’s why Novatek utilise tools that scan the Dark Web for compromises, ensuring if your data is leaked, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Hardware Security

Novatek can configure a wide range of network appliances to boost your security in your business. These special devices can identify threats and malicious sites, eliminate them before you even become aware.

Security Awareness

Raising awareness in the Cyber Security space is one of the best methods of preventing breaches via email, websites or dodgey USB drives. This pairs nicely with our Phishing solution!

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is key to heaily reduce downtime. Novatek’s DR solutions mean your entire business can be up and running within minutes, compared to recovery traditional methods.

Cloud Security

Protect your business from unwanted attacks, compromises or human error by enabling cloud security to manage your infrastructure. Cloud Security ensures maximum protection against cyber crime, 

Office 365 Security

A common misconception that Office 365 just means email and Microsoft Word. Office 365 has a wide range of Security tools that can protect your email and data from malicious attackers. 


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