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Managed Services

Novatek removes the hassle and confusion that comes from managing your IT yourself. Our tailored solution combines the latest technologies to provide a system best fit for your business.

Managed Services

Managed Services are a great way to see in real time where there may be weak links. Novatek’s solutions identify and proactively manage connected devices to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Partnering with Novatek will mean you can go back to focussing on your business, the time saved by not having to deal with computer issues all adds up. 

Additional Services:

Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Exchange

Acronis, Veeam, Storage Craft Backups

IT Consulting

Cloud Hosting Services

Remote Management

Cost savings

Whether you require flexibility with your IT budget or prefer a fixed solution, Novatek can provide significant cost savings to manage your ongoing IT needs. Our local IT support team are friendly, and higly skilled problem solvers.


By understanding and pairing your business with our managed solutions, your business can scale to any size as we have the means to handle any size  company small business to larger organisations across multiple cities.

Managed Antivirus

We utilise the latest software technologies to protct your devices from threats from the web, email and comprimised external devices.

3CX Phones

We provide SLAs around all of our time billing, to ensure we meet the expectations of our clients. While tha majority of tasks can be completed remoely, sometimes we do like to visit onsite just to show that we are here for you.

Proactive Management

Every day our solutions will be monitoring for the slightest changes, errors or the beginnings of potential threats. Our proactive solution takes the necessary steps to tackle issues head-on before they become costly disasters. 

Device Backups

Each Managed Device comes with its own backup, meaning if you lose a precious file or if your device is lost or damaged, we can recover your files.

We take the burden off your team

Our team members come from all walks of life, specialising in many niche areas of IT, it’s what makes Novatek that bit more special. If you’re finding you spend more time fixing your IT issues than your role, perhaps it’s time to give Novatek a call to see how we can help relieve that burden.

Get the most out of your technology investment

It’s true that technology is one of the key components to every successful business, without it, you will fall behind the competition and lose productivity. Managed Services really help to eliminate as much unnecessary human interaction by autonomously and proactively monitoring your systems in real time. 


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