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3CX and VoIP

Upgrading your onsite PBX system may seem a daunting task, but Novatek have a way to ease the pain of migrating by implementing our own cloud hosted PBX solutions with 3CX.



Every business needs to be able to communicate their services and broadcast their talents. We implemented 3CX internally and were blown away with the performance and cost savings from our previous vendor.

Partner with Novatek to find out just how 3CX can benefit your business. Our VoIP Specialists are 3CX Advanced Qualified, meaning we can configure even the most complex setups.

The best part about 3CX is once it’s setup, there is very little maintenance required. 

Unified Communications

With 3CX, you can take your office wherever you go, no longer are you bound to your desk to take or make office calls. A well rounded PBX system that leaves the competition behind!

PBX Backups

Yes, even your phone system requires a backup. Great thing is, it’s free with 3CX. So, take full advantage of that and set up that first line of defense if your system goes down.

Unlimited Extensions

Do you like paying for more extensions? We don’t! That’s why with 3CX, you can have as many extensions as you like. You can expand your business and not have to worry about paying for more extensions.

Phone and Internet

Novatek understand the difficulty in dealing with telcos, so we decided to become one to deliver an amazing phone and internet experience. It’s simple. One invoice each month for phones, internet and 3CX. How good!

3CX Phones

Choosing the right phonecan sometimes be a challenge, 3CX have many great relationships with big brands, Yealink, Snom, Polycom and Grandstream to name a few. 

Disaster Recovery

For the ultimate protection against disaster, why not set up a failover to another hosting solution so if the worst happens, you’ll be back up within minutes. It’s also very affordable.

Call Centre

Taking advantage of those unlimited extensions, 3CX even has full call centre management features ready and waiting to be used! Changing from providers can be daunting, it’s a good thing 3CX is simple to implement.

Feature Packed

3CX has so many features, it’s hard to fit them all into a small space. 3CX has radically reduced costs for many of our clients, by being an all in one solution. For a full list of features, scroll to the bottom of the page.

What is 3CX?

3CX is an open standards communications phone solution, offering complete unified communications right out of the box. 3CX can accomodate any needs you may have; from a complete mobile solution to an advanced call center operation spanning multiple locations around the world, all at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems. Packed full of features, you’ll have every need covered with 3CX. To see a full list of features, click here.

Why choose 3CX?

Businesses choose 3CX over other PBX systems for many reasons. Some of those more notable being considerable cost savings to the business due slashing the need for expensive hardware, ease of integration with onsite infrastructure or the ability to host in the cloud. Always stay connected while out of the office, on the road or travelling the world.

3CX with Novatek

Whether a small team or a large organisation spanning multiple cities, Our team of Advanced Certified Engineers at Novatek can provision and deploy your solution with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business. Teaming up with Novatek can slash your current phone costs, while providing a well rounded, reliable solution that just works as it should.

SIP Trunks, Lines, 3CX, Fibre Internet

We understand how difficult it can be dealing with telcos and ISP’s, a great added benefit of moving your phone and internet to Novatek is, we are based in Canterbury. Plus we can bring you coffee!

Simplified Billing

We’ve dealt with many companies over the years and understand that difficult billing can make life miserable for the accounts team. We at Novatek make it very easy to understand what you’re paying for. 

3CX Edition Comparisons

Let Novatek help you choose the right edition for your business needs. Three simple plans, one powerful communications system.

Core PBX Features








Import / Export Extensions via CSV

SIP Trunks / Gateways Support

Call Routing by DID & CID (DDI)

Extensive Codec Support

Receive Voice Mail via Email

Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)

Call Transfers (Blind & Attendant)

Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)

Call Forward on Busy (CFB)

Call Forward on No Answer (CFU)

Hold (CW) incl. Custom Music on Hold

Intercom / Paging

Call Parking / Pickup

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Real Time System Status

Easy Backup and Restore (incl. Scheduled Backup)

VMware / Hyper-V / KVM Compatibility

Amazon, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

3CX SBC Connectivity


Voicemail Transcription

Custom FQDN

Custom SMTP Server

Office Productivity




Sennheiser Headset Integration

Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist

Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneously

Integrated Fax Server (Central and per User)

Supported SIP Phones Integration

Manage IP Phones Network Wide

Automatic Plug & Play Phone Provisioning

3CX Apps: Web Client, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

Audio Bridge

Directory (Company & Private Phonebook)

Sync with Office 365 (Users’ Phonebook)

Call Query against DB & CRM

Hotel PBX Features incl. Fidelio Certified and Mitel Compatible

Web Conference Dial-In

Web Conferencing (incl. Polls, PDF-Share, Screen Share, Remote Assist & Record)

25 Seats

100 Seats

250 Seats

Call Centre Features




Call Logging

Click2Call (Browser Extension)



Website Live Chat and Talk

Call Queue Group Rights Management

CRM Integration

Sync with Office 365 (Azure AD)

Call Queuing

Real Time Statistics & Monitoring

Supervisor Agent Status Override

SLA Alerting




Call & Queue Reporting

Call Recording Transcription and Search

Barge In / Listen In / Whisper

See Group Recordings

Enterprise Features




Call Flow Designer

Hot Desking

Scheduled Restore

Connect Remote Offices (Bridges)

Call Recording Restrictions (Start/Stop)

Skill based Routing

Customize IP Phone Logo

Inbuilt Failover


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