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Your IT needs are in professional hands at Novatek, where we align modern business technology with the most optimistic company goals.

IT Management, 3CX Communications and Cyber Security 
The best gift you can give your business if you’re looking to be more productive, efficient, secure and operating.



IT Management

Discover the potential by empowering your business with our remote management solution. Everything you needs to keep your infrastructure running 


3CX is a powerful and world leading PBX system that we host in the cloud. If you’re having trouble with your onsite PBX system, our 3CX solution is the answer for you.

Cyber Security

All it takes is one password to be hacked and its game over. The best defense is understanding what a great Cyber Security plan can do for your business.

solutions breakdown

Our core IT Solutions can be broken down into these key services. Each component working together for your business.

Partner with Novatek to make the most of our expert IT Consultancy and Local Support Centre. Making your technology work for you is our speciality!

IT Management

IT is at the heart of every sucessful business. Keeping your IT infrastructure strong, secure and reliable is crucial to the success and longevity of your business.

Network Management

With the right network management tools at your disposal, you will be notified of issues before they affect your business!

Cyber Security

Dark Web Monitoring to Security Training,  Novatek apply best practises to keep your business safe from cyber-threats.

Offsite Backups

Still backing up to an external hard drive? Take the manual process away and automate your crucial data to our secure offsite data storage.

IT Planning

Novatek can help your team discover the best solutions that fit your business and budget. Whether a yearly plan of 5 year plan, we’ve got the expertise to provide the right solutions.

3CX Phones

With great 3CX Phone systems come great experiences and even better prices! Novatek can compare your current billing and provide a simple monthly price for your entire phone system.

Disaster Recovery

Famous last words suck. A good Disaster Recovery plan is the difference between a business coming back online in minutes as opposed to days or weeks.

Cloud Hosting

Office 365, Azure & Cloud Hosted 3CX PBX, Novatek have the expertise to bring your business to the cloud.


Hardware and Software procurement, we can provide source a wide range of products at very competitive prices. Our buying power is at your disposal.

Outsourced IT Team

Hiring an internal IT person can be expensive, and often productivity can be a limiting factor. With outsourcing to Novatek, you pay for what you use, 100% productivity. Period.

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